Coronavirus: How and where

Coronavirus: How and where

The coronavirus outbreak, which has claimed thousands of lives and infected over 90,000 people globally, has now become a major health threat in India. Many new cases have been identified in the country and health organizations are on high alert as the virus deepens its root in India.

Positive cases have been identified in New Delhi, Telangana and Rajasthan. There is a chance of the virus spreading as the infected people came in contact with many others before they were tested positive.

The Union health ministry and all concerned state health departments have issued detailed guidelines on what measures people can take as precautionary measures.

Hospitals have set up special wards for dealing with potential infections and the ITBP quarantine facility is also working round-the-clock to help infected individuals recover.

Meanwhile, all airports, seaports and other busy routes have been equipped with special screening tools to identify any potential infections. Even then, cases continue to rise on a daily basis in India with more people showing Covid-19 symptoms.