Corona Virus Active cases in India reach 107; 10 have recovered so far

Corona Virus Active cases in India reach 107; 10 have recovered so far

The total active cases from the novel coronavirus in India crossed 100 on March 15, according to data from the Union Health Ministry.

Currently, there are 90 Indians and 17 foreign nationals who have tested positive and are under treatment.

The Ministry has said that 10 patients had recovered and have been discharged so far. This number includes India’s first three cases reported from Kerala in February.

Two people have died due to COVID-19 in India. On March 13, it was reported that a 68-year-old woman from Delhi had died due to the virus.

India's first fatality from the virus was confirmed on March 12. A 76-year-old man, from Karnataka, had died after returning from a month-long visit to Saudi Arabia on February 29.

Maharashtra and Kerala have reported 31 and 22 cases (among Indian nationals), respectively. This is followed by Uttar Pradesh and Delhi with 11 and seven cases, respectively.

Haryana has reported 14 positive cases of COVID-19. However, all of them are foreign nationals. The figure for UP also includes one foreign national.

Globally, over 1.5 lakh people have been infected by COVID-19. This has led to over 5,800 deaths — majority of them in China. However, cases are rapidly rising in Italy, Spain, Iran and South Korea, among other countries.

On March 15, at least 289 passengers of a Dubai-bound flight were offloaded at the Kochi airport in Kerala shortly before take-off after a UK national among them tested positive for the novel coronavirus. It was unclear if this had been incorporated into the latest numbers of the Health Ministry.