Congress crisis: 4 possible outcomes of crucial CWC meeting

Congress crisis: 4 possible outcomes of crucial CWC meeting

A crucial meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWM) on Monday will determine the person who will replace Sonia Gandhi’s if she formally announces her decision to step down as interim president of the party.

Anxious Congress leaders will take part in a virtual CWC meeting today to decide on the crucial matter, hoping to put an end to the party’s prolonged leadership crisis.

The emergency CWC meeting was called after a letter signed by top party leaders including sitting MPs was sent to the top Congress leadership. In the letter, Congress workers reportedly urged the top leadership to bring about change in the organizational structure of the party’s leadership -- a sentiment that has been echoing for years.

On the other hand, another faction of leaders in the Congress party seems to disagree with the leaders who sent the letter seeking an organizational shift in the party.

So, what is going to happen in the working committee meeting of Congress today? Here are four possible outcomes:

1) Sonia Gandhi continues as president. It is the most likely possibility as all members are expected to appeal to Sonia Gandhi to continue as party president.

2) What if Sonia Gandhi refuses? In this situation, all the members can demand senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to reclaim the top post. However, if sources are to be believed, Rahul Gandhi stands by his decision taken a year ago and he will not accept the post in any circumstance.

3) In the event of Rahul Gandhi's refusal, demand could be floated for a fresh election. In such a scenario, the party already has electoral colleges in all the states, only the process of selecting AICC delegates of Haryana and some isolated states remains. It may take approximately two more months. In total, around 9,000 to 10,000 delegates choose the position of president in the event of elections. In 2019, after Sonia Gandhi was made the interim president, the process was to ensure holding elections within 6 months. However, this could not happen due to the novel coronavirus epidemic. Therefore, a decision can be taken to choose the new president within 3 months to 6 months. Till then, the party’s leaders are likely to appeal to Sonia Gandhi to continue as interim president.

4) What if Sonia Gandhi is not ready to become interim president for a short time? If sources are to be believed, Sonia Gandhi has not been in the pink of health and may decide to not continue as the party’s interim president. In such a scenario, veteran Congress leaders like former defence minister AK Antony or former prime minister Manmohan Singh can be selected for the post of interim president. Leaders like Mallikarjun Kharge and Sushil Kumar Shinde can also become interim president, following which an election can be conducted for determining the person who will take up the top Congress party post.