Complaint filed against Priyanka Gandhi in Agra over coronavirus death tweet

Complaint filed against Priyanka Gandhi in Agra over coronavirus death tweet

After the Agra district magistrate shot off a notice to Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi demanding she takes back her tweet on the Covid-19 spread in Agra and apologizes, the BJP has gone ahead and filed a criminal complaint against Priyanka Gandhi in Agra.

 Superintendent of Police Agra city, Botre Rohan Pramod said BJP Kisan Morcha, district president Govind Chahar and his associates have filed a complaint against Priyanka Gandhi in the Sadar police station, but an FIR has not been registered yet and an investigation is being conducted.

The Congress workers have also come down on the streets against the BJP. Congress district president Manoj Dixit told India Today that the people who filed a complaint against Priyanka Gandhi did not follow the social distancing norms and gathered at the police station in large numbers, which was a violation of the lockdown protocols. The CCTV cameras installed at the police station, as well as the videos circulating on social media, are enough evidence to book all of them for lockdown violation.

Meanwhile, Fatehpur Sikri (Agra Rural) MP Rajkumar Chahar has written a letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi, requesting her to control her son Rahul Gandhi and daughter Priyanka Gandhi as the type of language they were using was highly condemnable. He wrote that Rahul Gandhi used objectionable words for PM Modi instead of writing his proper name in his tweet. Apart from that he alleged that Priyanka Gandhi maligned the image of the UP Government and Agra administration by posting false information about corona deaths in Agra.

Agra District Magistrate Prabhu N Singh refused to comment on this matter and said that Agra administration is busy fighting Covid-19 and political debates will not discourage the corona warriors of Agra.

Senior citizen Uma Shanker Sharma urged politicians not to make this pandemic a political issue and assist the administration in fighting this infection. He said that not only the 'Chinese Virus', but China itself, is posing major challenges for India and the political parties should forget their animosities and work together to defeat these enemies.