CM Ashok Gehlot says Governor acting under Centre's pressure

CM Ashok Gehlot says Governor acting under Centre's pressure

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, while heading to the Governor's house with Congress MLAs in a show of strength, alleged Governor Kalraj Mishra was not convening Assembly due to the "pressure from the Central government".

Addressing the media, Ashok Gehlot said his camp was willing to show the numbers and he has already written to the Governor asking for a state assembly session to be convened but "the Governor did not give a go ahead. Ashok Gehlot said it is probably "due to pressure from the Centre".

"We want Assembly session to be convened in order to discuss issues including corona and the political situation... We believe that because of certain pressures, Governor is not giving directions to call the session," Ashok Gehlot said.

Ashok Gehlot sought a meeting with Governor Kalraj Mishra shortly after the Rajasthan High Court ordered maintaining status quo on the disqualification notices sent by the Speaker to Sachin Pilot and 18 other dissident MLAs.

"We want to start the State Assembly session from Monday. Everything will be clear then. I had a telephonic conversation with the Governor and requested him to take a decision on this immediately. Now, we are going to meet him also," Ashok Gehlot said while heading to the Governor's house.

Governor Kalraj Mishra has, however, rejected Ashok Gehlot's allegations that he was acting under Centre's pressure, saying calling an Assembly session during coronavirus pandemic was not ideal.