Central Govt issues guidelines for meals on trains amid Coronavirus outbreak

Central Govt issues guidelines for meals on trains amid Coronavirus outbreak

Indian Railways has come up with a few guidelines that are to be implemented at all the catering establishments on its network as India reported the third death due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Indian Railways operates one of the largest railway networks in the world. On a daily basis, more than 20 million passengers travel the length and breadth of the country via 12,617 trains.

Indian Railways has always faced criticism regarding their food they provide on the trains. so, as the deadly coronavirus is spreading around the world, India is also affected by it.

These guidelines will prevent the spread of coronavirus among railway employees and passengers travelling in a train.

No staff with symptoms like cough, fever, running nose or difficulty in breathing is allowed in the business of food handling.

While dealing with food production, all the staff of food catering have been ordered to follow the FSSAI's food safety norms/standards and also maintain personal hygiene. All staff have to compulsorily wear the face masks, hand gloves etc. They are also ordered to stay away from people sneezing or coughing, frequently wash hands and avoid touching their face, mouth and nose with their hands.

In this regard, the railway board has directed all supervisors in catering establishments to impart counselling to their subordinates.

Employees who are in catering services will have to wear a clean uniform on duty on a regular basis.

Also, all catering units will have to undergo thorough cleaning on a daily basis. All the catering establishments have been asked to maintain proper cleanliness, use of disinfectant on frequently touched objects and surfaces. Ensure adequate provision of sanitizers, hand soaps, at all catering units.