Ca Cang Kho Recipe

Ca Cang Kho Recipe

Ingredients Of Ca Cang Kho

15 gms dice onion

5 gms minced garlic

30 gms fresh coriander

15 gms spring onion

200 gms sole fish slice

5 gms dark soya sauce

5 gms black pepper (crushed), roasted

3 gms oyster sauce

15 ml oil

20 gms tempura flour

How to Make Ca Cang Kho

1.Dust the sole fillet with tempura flour.

2.Pour oil for frying the fish fillet.

3.Put the fish into the oil and fry till golden, keep it aside.

4.Take another wok and keep it on high flame.

5.Add garlic, saute till brown.

6.Add diced onion, oyster sauce, crushed black pepper, fried fish, then dark soya sauce. Then sauté for a while, adding sliced spring onion and fresh green coriander and sauté again.

7.Adjust the seasoning, serve hot.