"Bone Chilling Attack Grim Reminder Of...": Sonia Gandhi On JNU Violence

Congress chief Sonia Gandhi on Monday alleged that the "horrifying violence unleashed on India's youth by goons" was with the "active abetment of the ruling Modi government" and demanded an independent judicial inquiry into the violence in JNU.

In a statement, she accused the Modi government of seeking to stifle and subjugate every voice of dissent and said Sunday's "bone chilling" attack on students and teachers in JNU was a grim reminder of that.

"The voice of India's youth and students is being muzzled everyday. The horrifying and unprecedented violence unleashed on India's young by goons with active abetment of the ruling Modi government is deplorable and unacceptable," she charged.

Ms Gandhi alleged that everyday campuses and colleges are raided across India, either by the police or lumpen elements with support of the BJP government.

"Yesterday's bone chilling attack on students and teachers in JNU, Delhi is a grim reminder of the extent the Govt will go to stifle and subjugate every voice of dissent," she said.

The Congress president said students and youth need affordable education, a deserving job, a promising future and a right to participate in the thriving democracy. "Sadly, the Modi government seeks to suffocate and restrain each one of these aspirations," she charged.

"The entire Congress Party stands in solidarity with India''s youth and students. We strongly deprecate the sponsored violence in JNU yesterday and demand an independent judicial inquiry," she said