BMC commissioner initiates 'Save Lives Strategy' to reduce Covid mortality in Mumbai

BMC commissioner initiates 'Save Lives Strategy' to reduce Covid mortality in Mumbai

The count of coronavirus cases in Mumbai now stands at 76,765 and the deaths due to the Covid-19 infection has climbed to 4,463. In the past 24 hours, 1,226 fresh coronavirus cases have been reported in Mumbai. These figures are enough to suggest that the coronavirus situation in Maximum City continues to remain critical.

Amid the rapidly rising number of coronavirus cases, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has decided to start 'Save Lives Strategy' from June 30.

The purpose of this new strategy is to reduce coronavirus mortality in Mumbai hospitals. Following are the protocols that will be followed under the new initiative 'Save Lives Strategy':

1. Total accountability and adoption of every case in the moderate, severe and critical category

2. Mandatory twice a day meeting on video or telephone on every case of seniors and juniors

3. Total teamwork of doctors nurses and all health care workers

4. Full supportive care

5. Protocol and checkboxes on every paper for adherence so that nothing is missed

6. Lots of deaths occur as patients remove oxygen to go to the toilet, especially between 1:00 am to 5:00 am so every bed should have a bedpan and 4 beds have a commode (also cardboard bedpans can be used) and servants must cooperate

7. Ensure the supply of medicines like antivirals, il6bkickets, steroid and plasma

8. Zero delay time ticker and video surveillance on every case by head of unit and head of the institution

9. Detailed death audit of every death and every video to be forensically audited

While asserting that the coronavirus situation is completely under control, BMC Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal said, "We have a strong grip on the coronavirus situation in Mumbai. I can assure this to our citizens in Mumbai."

Face masks have been made compulsory in the city and those not abiding by the rules will be fined. Those found spitting, too, will be punished with a fine.

The lockdown restrictions in Maharashtra have now been extended till July 31.

The BMC Commissioner added, "We have plasma bank now functioning due to our 44,000 discharged patients[who are now Covid negative after treatment) so, we are using plasma treatment to cure serious patients now."

"Till now, the plasma treatment has been 100 per cent successful. The only thing required is the blood of the recovered patient and we have details of 44,000 now," he said.