BJP starts door-to-door campaign to clear doubts on CAA in Bhopal

BJP starts door-to-door campaign to clear doubts on CAA in Bhopal

Amid protests over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) across the country, the Madhya Pradesh BJP have launched door-to-door campaign to clear doubts on the act in the state.

Members of Madhya Pradesh BJP's Minority Cell launched the door-to-door campaign for the Muslim community in Bhopal to clear 'misconceptions' on Citizenship Act. Pamphlets written in Urdu regarding the facts on CAA are also being distributed among the Muslims.

"This entire exercise is being done to expose the confusion that has been spread on CAA by congress. Though it will take some time but we will definitely be able to expose the lies spread by the Congress to the world," BJP Spokesperson Hidayatullah Sheikh told India Today TV.

Some people said they consider this whole exercise helpful in understanding CAA, while others called the act as wrong. Many sought answers from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Home Minister Amit Shah on CAA.

"After the implementation of this law, there is a atmosphere of chaos in the country. I believe that those who made it and should come forward and clear our doubts," Farah, one of the people who opposed the act, said.

Altaf and Mohammad Naib, who after meeting the BJP spokesperson, said that "they did not know much about the Citizenship Amendment Act but now some of our doubts have been cleared and they will tell others too now about it".