Balu, come back soon. I am waiting for you: Illaiyaraja message to SPB

Balu, come back soon. I am waiting for you: Illaiyaraja  message to SPB

Ilaiyaraaja on Friday released a video in which he said that he is praying for his best friend SP Balasubrahmanyam's speedy recovery. He fondly called SPB "Balu" and said that their friendship will not end here. Ilaiyaraaja also added that his instinct says that SPB will get well soon. SP Balasubrahmanyam tested postive for the novel coronavirus in the first week of August.

SP Balasubrahmanyam, who got admitted to MGM Healthcare Hospital on August 5 due to novel coronavirus, is currently on a ventilator. However, his son, SP Charan, in a statement wrote that he is currently stable. The one-minute-long video has Ilaiyaraaja expressing his feelings for his long-term friend SPB. He said, "Balu, come back soon. I'm waiting for you! Our friendship is not restricted to the cinema, neither will it end here. Music is our source of life and in fact, it's life for us."

Ilaiyaraaja also spoke about their fallout which ended last year. "Just like how music and swaras are entangled with each other, our lives and friendship are inseparable. Whether we stayed together or fought with each other, deep inside our heart we knew that it was out of friendship and love. My instinct says that you will recover and I pray to god for you to get well soon. Balu, come back soon," Ilaiyaraaja said in his video.