Babita Phogat under fire for 'anti-Muslim' tweets on coronavirus

Babita Phogat under fire for 'anti-Muslim' tweets on coronavirus

A hashtag calling on Twitter to ban wrestler Babita Phogat is trending.

She had used a hashtag derogatory towards Muslims and had said that for India, they were a bigger problem than even the virus.

The trend comes a day after Rangoli Chandel was suspended by Twitter.

Ms Chandel, who is the sister of actress Kangana Ranaut, attracted many complaints after she advocated violence against Muslims and "secular media", accusing the community of attacking and killing doctors.

There have been some attacks against medical staff but Ms Chandel did not specify what she was referring to. Some videos purporting to show violence "by Muslims" have been discredited.

Phogat's account has not been suspended, but many people who are using the hashtag asking Twitter to take action said they were tired of the hate.