Ayushmann Khurrana pens and recites poem for frontline warriors working during Covid-19 lockdown

Ayushmann Khurrana pens and recites poem for frontline warriors working during Covid-19 lockdown

Bollywood celebrities are expressing gratitude towards medical staff, police and other essential service providers in their own unique way. Ayushmann Khurrana wrote a heartfelt poem in Hindi and recited it to salute the "frontline warriors". He shared the video on social media.

Along with the video, he wrote, "This is for all the Frontline Warriors - fighting for us, saving us, risking their lives for us and our families against coronavirus! Have written these words to express my gratitude. I salute you. India salutes you. Jai Hind! "

Through the poem, the actor talks about the plight of the people living in a building that has been sealed. He adds that though people want to rewind the time and bring back normalcy, the current situation is the result of the "collective karma of humankind".

He writes, "I salute him who cleans the roads, picks up garbage and deliver essential things to our home anf then goes to his home. But we didn't give him the respect. He fears he will transmit the novel coronavirus to his kids and that's why doesn't touches him."



Woh saamne waali building kuch din pehle seal ho gayi. Aur tab se aas pados ke logon ki zindagi thodi tabdeel ho gayi. Ussi building ke neeche waali dukaan se toh ghar ka samaan aata tha. Woh bimaari ke baare mein pehle bata deta toh kya jaata tha. Aaj hum dare hue hain. Jeevit hain par mare hue hain. Aaj lagta hai kaash kar dein sab kuch theek is duniya ko karke rewind. But believe me this is nothing but the collective karma of mankind. Salaam hai usko jo sadkein saaf karta hai, kachra le kar jaata hai, ghar ka saamaan le kar aata hai. Aur phir apne ghar jaata hai. Par humne unko kabhi izzat dee hee nahi. Hum paise waale hain. Humare baap ka kya jaata hai. Aur woh bechaara darta hai ki coronavirus uske parivaar ko na ho jaaye. Woh apne chote bachche ko choo nahi paata hai. Yeh ameer gareeb ka insaaniyat se pare ka naata hai. Is desh ko gareeb hee chalata tha. Gareeb hee chalayega. Humein is samay bhi sab suvidhaaen gareeb hee dilaayega. Ab jab sab theek ho jaayega toh in logon ko izzat dena. Koi kaam chota nahi hota yeh baat apne palle baandh lena. Aaj doctor nurses, police, humaare security gaurd hain sabse zyaada kaam ke Hum sab Bollywood hero hain bas naam ke Hum bas paise de sakte hain. Hathiyaar de sakte hain. Ladhna unko hai. Unhi ko sab kuch sehna hai. Humko toh sirf ghar pe rehna hai. Humko toh sirf ghar pe rehna hai.

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