At 50,000 deaths, Covid fatalities in India rising fastest among worst-hit countries

At 50,000 deaths, Covid fatalities in India rising fastest among worst-hit countries

India crossed a major and tragic milestone on Monday, August 17, as the toll from the deadly coronavirus crossed 50,000. By international comparisons and relative to its population, COVID mortality in India might be low, but deaths here are rising fastest among the worst affected countries.

Only three countries have seen more deaths than India the United States with 1.72 lakh deaths, Brazil with 1.07 lakh deaths and Mexico with 56,000 deaths data from Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (JHU CSSE) shows.

India’s first Covid death was recorded on March 12, after a 76-year-old man from Karnataka who had returned from Saudi Arabia, died after being refused admission in four hospitals across two states. The first 10,000 deaths took well over three months to be recorded. The last 10,000 deaths have come the fastest in just 10 days.

While each day now brings close to 1,000 deaths in India, deaths are growing more slowly than cases, and India’s case fatality rate deaths from Covid proportionate to total reported cases is falling. While cases are doubling every 26 days in India, deaths are taking 34 days to double.

Maharashtra reports by far the most deaths each day, and Pune district in the state has been reporting over 100 deaths each day.

With 50,921 deaths, however, India, by some metrics, seems to be in a relatively better position on Covid mortality compared to other countries. It has a lower number of deaths relative to total cases and the lowest share of fatalities relative to its population for any high-burden country.

Having a fatality rate of less than 2 per cent, India records 36 deaths per million population. Worst affected US and Brazil report over 500 deaths per million people.