Assam silk industry incurs loss of Rs 100 crore due to coronavirus lockdown

Assam silk industry incurs loss of Rs 100 crore due to coronavirus lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown has severely affected the silk industry in Assam which has already incurred losses to the tune of Rs 100 crore.

Over 20,000 weavers and workers of Sualkuchi the hub of Assam’s silk industry are facing uncertainties due to the novel coronavirus pandemic and the nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of the virus.

Assam produces three primary indigenous silks Golden Muga, White Pat and Warm Eri, and Sualkuchi is known as the hub of state’s silk industry located 35 km west from Guwahati.

Assam is well known for the production of high-quality silk since ancient times. But the Coronavirus lockdown has had a devastating impact on the weavers and workers and over 200 wholesale traders of Sualkuchi.

The handloom owners have now been forced to stop their production after they failed to find a market to sell their products due to the ongoing lockdown.

The Assamese Rongali Bihu season in the months of April to May is the peak season for sale and the weavers, workers, owners, and traders of the silk industry wait for this season every year, but this year, due to the lockdown, they could not sell their products.

Annamai Kalita, a female weaver of Sualkuchi area, who also runs several handlooms said they are facing a lot of problems.

“We have not been able to sell our products. There is no market due to lockdown. We are now facing financial problems. Many weavers are also facing a food crisis,” she said.